Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan

Director (Engineering & Technology)

He is a person with clear agenda in mind to support the students for projects so that they can have a pratical outlook of theoretical concepts. He has facilitated the fulfilment of our needs in difficult circumstances without which our team would not have progressed. He has always believed in our talent, research and development and hopes to see us as an innovative, highly competent team in the years to come.

Dr. Leenus Jesu Martin

HOD Automobile &Team Principal

He has been our mentor and guiding light. He has been an instrumental figure in the establishment and growth of our team. He has helped not just us, but all the other university teams by providing the best possible infrastructure and equipment. His faith in the team and the freedom he has given us has been truly inspiring. Our team is greatly thankful for the support and magnanimity.

Mr.P.Praveen Kumar


He has been a key figure in materialising the idea of forming a formula student electric team proposed by a group of students three years ago. He has been our team advisor ever since our team came into being.His deep knowledge and experience in the automotive field along with his approachability has immensely benefitted all of us. His vision for the team and his motivational skills have made us believe in ourselves during difficult times and helped us come out stronger as a team.



Faculty Advisors

Our Team has been blessed with probably the best mentors a team can have. Their knowledge in automotive electronics is unparalleled and a great boon to the team. Their interactive brainstorming sessions with the team members gives their thinking a new dimension and help develop better ideas. They have been with us through thick and thin, and always supported our team.