ABOUT 4ZE Racing

A team based out of SRM University, Chennai, we build electric racecars for the Formula Student/Formula SAE (Society of Automobile Engineers), an international event, held globally, through the course of the year.
In 2012, a group of students from SRM University decided to build a zero emission vehicle as a research project. As passion spurred them on, they made their first prototype car called "RIO". From then on, more young and innovative minds started to combine forces, pushing the boundaries of knowledge, skill & will fueling the spark ignited by the initial success of RIO. The efforts, from working together day and night, finally came to fruition in the form of "VOLTAIC". The team hence, competed in Formula Electric Italy in 2015, introducing a fresh dynamic to what was already turning into a revolutionary project. The team was one of the first five electric teams from India to have competed at such an international level at the time.
As our competition gets tougher by the day, we also strive to remain in the mix by developing ourselves both technologically & managerially. We are now a team of 40 hardworking, dedicated and passionate students from various disciplines of engineering, working towards ranking higher at the Formula Student in India & abroad. With the our new found goal of showcasing our mettle on an international stage, we began pushing our limits to make our cars to go faster on the track. This led to the birth of "ZEV2.0", our second competition vehicle. This car competed on Indian soil at the Formula Green competition in Coimbatore. We were placed in 1st place at this competition and are currently developing our third competition vehicle.


Formula SAEĀ® is a student design competition organized by SAE International (formerly Society of Automotive Engineers). The first competition was started back in 1979 after Mark Marshek, then at University of Houston(Texas) contacted the SAE Educational Relations Department in 1978 to discuss adding a variant event of the Mini Baja; the name Mini Indy was founded.

The concept behind Formula SAE is that a fictional manufacturing company has contracted a design team to develop a small Formula-style race car. The prototype race car is to be evaluated for its potential as a production item. The target marketing group for the race car is the non- professional weekend autocross racer. Each student team designs, builds and tests a prototype based on a series of rules whose purpose is both to ensure onsite event operations and promote clever problem solving.

Dynamic events

Static events


Static events

Design : The design presentation is awarded the greatest points. The team presents its innovative take on the competition regulations, effective solutions to pre-existing problems & overall competitiveness.
Cost : In this event all manufacturing process & part cost reports are reviewed.
Business Presentation : Here the team has to convince the expert panel of the possibility to put the car in serial production, sell to the target audience, & profitability of the company & investors.

Dynamic Event

Skidpad : The car is driven as fast as possible around a eight-shaped track. This is a test to check the cornering ability of the car.
Acceleration : The car is accelerated from zero to maximum speed over a distance of 75m.
Autocross : The car is driven on a track created to test the limit of the vehicles performance.
Efficiency : Average battery discharge/mileage over the endurance race distance is measured.
Endurance: This event has the maximum points. The car is driven over 22km as fast as possible. Battery economy, vehicle performance, mechanical durability is tested.



ISNEE (Indian Society of New Era Engineers) is an organization that provides a platform to all the Engineering and Diploma pursuing candidates to steer their path towards Technical and Managerial expertise. ISNEE's design challenges Go Kart Design Challenge, Quad TORC and Formula Green; with phenomenal competitive stages guide every participant to empirical glory. All the research and analysis that goes into the designing and fabrication of vehicles gives unmatched preeminence to the participants as compared to the others. Candidates perform in groups, which prepares them to flourish with Morales. This formulated path enables a student to become a thorough professional with healthy knowledge of Engineering and Management.

National Go Kart Design Challenge was the first event organized by ISNEE in the year 2013 and from then, there was no looking back as the organization started launching events one after the other. The next design challenge organized by ISNEE was Quad Torc. To boot up their successful run with the existing events, ISNEE planned to launch another design challenge in which the participating teams are supposed to manufacture (Design and Fabricated) a formula vehicle which is fueled by electric power.

ISNEE aims to impart practical knowledge in students. A thorough professional is one who is both theoretically and practically sound; theory is what is taught in college and practical knowledge is what they acquire by taking part in the design challenges organized by ISNEE.

Event organized by ISNEE

For the first time ISNEE is organising a Formula Electric Event in India i.e. Formula Green which is to be held in Coimbatore from 29th March 2017 to 31th March 2017. All Formula Electric teams of India are going to take part in this event.